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Kindred The Camarilla Clan Ventrue

William Montagu
Nationality English
Date of Birth c. 1301 A.D.
Date of Embrace 13th January 1344 A.D.
Date of Death
Occupation Primogen of London's Ventrue
Relationship Status
Physical Description
Species Kindred
Gender Male
Hair Black
Language(s) English
Kindred Affiliations
Clan Ventrue
Generation Fifth
Sire Lucinde
Allegiance Camarilla
London's Ventrue
Clan Weakness
Lycan Affiliations
Other Information
Faction(s) Vampire

William I Montagu, alias de Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury, 3rd Baron Montacute, King of Mann was an English nobleman and loyal servant of King Edward III.

The son of William de Montacute, the second Baron Montacute, he entered the royal household at an early age, and became a close companion of the young Prince Edward. The relationship continued after Edward was crowned king following the deposition of Edward II in 1327. In 1330, Montagu was one of Edward's main accomplices in the coup against Roger Mortimer, who up until then had been acting as the king's protector.

In the following years Montagu served the king in various capacities, primarily in the Scottish Wars. He was richly rewarded, and among other things received the lordship of the Isle of Man. In 1337, he was created Earl of Salisbury, and given an annual income of 1000 marks to go with the title. He served on the Continent in the early years of the Hundred Years' War, but in 1340 he was captured by the French, and in return for his freedom had to promise never to fight in France again. Salisbury died of wounds suffered at a tournament early in 1344.

Legend has it that Montagu's wife Catherine was raped by Edward III, but this story is almost certainly French propaganda. William and Catherine had six children, most of whom married into the nobility. Modern historians have called William Montague Edward's "most intimate personal friend" and "the chief influence behind the throne from Mortimer's downfall" in 1330 until his supposed death in 1344 where he was bested in a tournament.

William was actually sired by Lucinde, in an effort to make England more stable and to assert the Ventrue's influence over the British Isles. Lucinde would also do the same to Edward, the Black Prince.

Montagu would remain a vital cog within the Ventrue of England from there on, helping to guide the House of Plantagenet and Tudor.

William would become the Ventrue's Primogen for the Domain of London in 2008 A.D. having been chosen specifically by Lucinde.

Foot Note

This NPC is used within a Bloodlines story and is so part of the RSNverse of Bloodlines Lore.

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